Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA)

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The Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA) is a membership organisation representing planners working in Higher Education across the UK. Membership is by institution and, once subscribed, an unlimited number of staff from your institution may register. In fact, we actively encourage as many people as possible to register in order to make best use of your subscription and to maximise outreach to ultimately improve the support we can offer to planners. We particularly encourage planners at all stages in their career to engage with HESPA and hope that we have something to offer everyone, no matter what their position.

HESPA’s objectives are to:

  • To provide an active forum for strategic planners in higher education to network, discuss, improve and influence
  • To be the primary organisation dedicated to supporting the professional development and career progression of those working in strategy and planning in UK higher education
  • To represent a compelling and unified voice for members, while recognising their contrasting needs and ideas
  • To influence and shape the future of higher education by challenging policy and promoting awareness and understanding of strategy and planning issues locally, nationally and internationally
  • To establish new and improved ways of engaging internal and external stakeholders to benefit strategic planners, their wider connections and the sector overall
  • To continually learn and seek out new knowledge and understanding, including that of operational best practice, to expand and improve that of our members

To find out more about more about what HESPA does or how to become a member, visit the website: www.hespa.ac.uk.